How to escape from corona again

  For those who have agreed that Corona was a bad dream and now this dream is over, this is bad news for such people.  On one hand, Dr.  Michael Ryan, executive director of the World Health Organization's Health Emergencies Program, is saying:

 "Those who are thinking that the corona virus is almost gone now or the world will get rid of it in a few months, I want to caution you that you are living in confusion and before any time very optimistic thinking about the thing happening. However  , we can break the link of Kovid-19 due to Corona virus vaccine and deaths from it can also be controlled. ''

  What is hidden in the future womb, knowing God, but fearing the corona epidemic, parents are restricting their children's activities, schools are closed, whether it is home, neighborhood, or any other place - they are being forced around to maintain physical distance,  the fear of epidemics spreads all around, terrorizing all.  Naturalism is lost somewhere, as a result, not only the physical health of children is being adversely affected, as well as their mental health.

 For physical and mental health and to continue on the path of development, it is absolutely necessary to remain natural and comfortable, but the Corona epidemic has created such dire circumstances that we all find ourselves in negative emotions;  For example, you are compelled to see tension, nervousness, anger, frustration and despair.

  It is not possible to get out of this situation in one stroke, but if the right mindset and attitude are adopted and the five tips given below, the difficulty of this epidemic can be reduced and by adapting to the new circumstances, your mind and the  body can be protected from diseases and problems:

  1. Schedule a routine

  Life has already taken almost indefinite form at the time of this calamity and if it is not followed by making a regular routine at this time, then doing so will further aggravate the problem.  Divide the day in equal parts and keep such tasks in all parts, which can be done easily.  In this way you will be able to concentrate more on each task and will not get too stressed.

  2. Follow Safety Measures

  It is true that in this period the noise of "don't do this everywhere, don't do that" is heard, but it is all for our good in the end.  All safety measures - whether it is applying a mask, involving physical distance, or washing hands with someone or from somewhere, etc.  - protect you and your family from an epidemic.

  3. Distance from TV, Internet etc.

  Use of TV or internet is not bad, but sometimes the content being broadcast on these can be misleading, sometimes published content on some social sites is found to be wrong, for all these reasons it is advisable that in the time of epidemic, distance from  TV or Internet etc.

  4. Stay away from stress etc.

  Stress management is very important to get rid of problems like stress.  Stressful children may experience insomnia or excessive sleepiness, overeating or eating less, restlessness, fatigue, lack of energy and enthusiasm, nausea, colic, or changes in behavior.

  If you are stressed and anxious, take a deep and slow breath to calm down, do something you like, listen to a favorite song, dance if you like, talk to a friend, etc.  Remove your mind from the topic of stress.

  5. Express your feelings

  Talking about your feelings and thoughts helps you understand more about yourself.  Talking to someone who is in your own situation, or has moved out of the same situation, helps you to consider more and more aspects of the problem.  Sometimes, if feelings are not expressed, it can also lead to mental illnesses.  So be sure to share your feelings with parents, siblings, close and friends


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