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  Types of anxiety and ways to overcome them Overcoming anxiety may be a very personal journey, and what may go for one person might not work for an additional . Therapy, medication, natural remedies, and practicing coping strategies can all help an individual overcome their anxiety. Anxiety may be a natural response to feeling under threat. It causes people to feel worried, afraid, or stressed. It is natural for an individual to feel anxious from time to time. A person may have an mental disorder if they frequently feel severe levels of hysteria that impact their day-to-day life. A person’s feelings of hysteria may last for an extended time or be out of proportion to their situation. Anxiety comes in many different forms. Certain situations or tasks, like speechmaking or driving, can make an individual feel anxious. Additionally, an individual may feel anxious about their health, certain body functions, or about relationships. A person can also feel severe anxiety when faced with cer