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Best engineering college in india   We are here with our new blog on Top private engineering colleges in India. you'll ready to check some best private engineering colleges through the list prepared by us. This writes up will help those candidates 12th passed out and are planning for B.Tech or engineering graduate planning for academic degree (M.Tech). Read our complete article to understand the fees structure, admission process, and placement of those top private engineering colleges. Top  Private Engineering Colleges In India These colleges follow strict admission rules. The institutions are equipped with modern teaching aids to form lectures easy and interesting. the universities have a robust academic legacy and are disseminating quality education to make a bright future for the associated students. they need the simplest placements records and have many co-operate contacts with major companies. Some colleges also follow students' exchange programs through foreign tie-ups w


  INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY The International day of yoga is on 21 जून 2022. UNO passed this in 2014 on the suggestion of Indian PM श्री Narendra Modi in 2014 while addressing UN General Assembly.   What is yoga and how does it prevent diseases Friends, you must have heard a very good saying that when the body is good, the mind is good. Meaning when your body is good then only your mind will be good.  There is a famous saying and friends that “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body.  Let us know that how yoga can help in man age: 'Yoga kese' improves strenght 'balance' flexibility' backpain' hearthealth 'relexfor sound sleep 'more energy brightermood' man age.  Why are we talking about this, we all have given a lot to this world, whether it is knowledge or education or Ayurveda in the field of medicine. In today's modern era and in this running life, we have taught yoga to the world.  . Which has not only been adopted by the whole world and also d


  children's behavior  Children are naughty and lovable and can be impulsive, brash and defiant from time to time in their infancy, and it is perfectly normal for children and their parents to be like a naughty child.  However, for some children, children under their age find behavior extremely difficult and challenging.  Children with these behavioral disorders may develop personality disorder, Austin, depression or bipolar disorder as they grow up.    The most common behavioral disruption disorders in children are: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Behavior Disorder (ADHD), Opositional Defense Behavior Disorder, and Conduct Behavior Disorder.  oppositional defiant (OD) behavior disorder It is thought that about one in ten children under the age of 12 have an anti-convulsant disorder, where boys are two to one% more then girls. Typical behavioral signs of ODD children:  Just angry, upset or irritable. Frequent arguments with adults, especially the more famous adults in their lives,