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The International day of yoga is on 21 जून 2022. UNO passed this in 2014 on the suggestion of Indian PM श्री Narendra Modi in 2014 while addressing UN General Assembly. 

 What is yoga and how does it prevent diseases

Friends, you must have heard a very good saying that when the body is good, the mind is good.

Meaning when your body is good then only your mind will be good.  There is a famous saying and friends that “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body.  Let us know that how yoga can help in man age: 'Yoga kese' improves strenght 'balance' flexibility' backpain' hearthealth 'relexfor sound sleep 'more energy brightermood' man age.  Why are we talking about this, we all have given a lot to this world, whether it is knowledge or education or Ayurveda in the field of medicine. In today's modern era and in this running life, we have taught yoga to the world.  .

Which has not only been adopted by the whole world and also decided to celebrate it as World Yoga Day on 21st June.  What are the benefits of yoga and how it protects us from diseases, today we will know everything in very easy language.  But before that we will know what is yoga?

what is yoga?

 Yoga has been associated with ancient times.  If we talk about the origin of the word Yoga, then it is derived from the word “Yuj” which is a Sanskrit word and it means to join.

 Friends, if we know in easy language, then it means that we get connected with ourselves and anyway friends, it is said that when we know ourselves, we will understand ourselves, only then we can do something.  Therefore Yoga not only teaches us to live but also teaches us to connect with ourselves.  Now we know how yoga prevents diseases.

Benefits of yoga

1. Immunity Power: They say that when our immunity is good, then we can fight against any disease. Just recently, we have seen only those people whose immunity is able to protect more from Kovid-19.  was good  But friends, it is not good in one day, for this a lot of hard work has to be done.  So if you also want to improve immunity, then you should do yoga.

 And believe the truth friends, if you start doing yoga from the heart, then your immunity will gradually increase and you will be healthy and cool too.

2. Protection  heart diseases (Heart Health)

Friends, there is an important part of our body whose name is heart which works 24 hours a day.  Even when we sleep, it does not sleep.  And keep us alive round the clock.  But friends tell the truth, did you take care of your friend.  Now you will say that what kind of question is this, let us tell you that in this fast-paced life, we all have forgotten to take care of our lovely heart.  And fast food has affected it even worse. But you don't need to worry if you make a habit of doing daily yoga Heart Health  then you can keep your heart safe too.  And friend, the longer your heart lasts, the longer life will last.

3.Backpain:- Friends, it was only a few days ago that a friend of mine got a call, he told me that brother, my back pain is not going away.  So I explained brother, it is because of us sleeping and sitting upright.  But friends, if you are also related to back pain or migraine in any way, then you can adopt yoga, it can help you, but yes once consult a doctor.

4. Reduce stress:- Friends, do you also consider yourself alone in this fast-paced life.  And this causes you stress or if you have forgotten to live in this morning and evening race, then wait sir, you can adopt yoga, by this you ill be able to remove your stress and remain tension free.

5. Beautiful Body :- Friends, it is everyone's hobby to look beautiful.  But due to the food and drink of today, our weight keeps on increasing.  So if you are also suffering from this problem then you should take the help of yoga, this will keep you fit and also hit.

For the time being, in today's article, stay healthy, stay cool, take care of yourself and your loved ones. Namaskar till you will meet soon. Make yoga part of life.(translated from my hindi content of 29 may 2021)


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