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  Pollution Damage quality of air'water'land In this age of science, where humans have got some boons, there have also been some curses.  Pollution is a curse birthed from the womb of science that the majority of people are compelled to bear. When undesirable elements dissolve in air, water, soil, etc. make it dirty to such an extent that it starts having an adverse effect on health, then it is called pollution. Pollution creates natural imbalance. At the same time, it is also a danger bell for human life. It becomes the responsibility of man that as much as he has harmed the environment by exploiting the natural resources, now solve the problem of pollution equally wisely. Indiscriminate deforestation is also included in the factors of pollution. This can be mitigated by increasing the number of trees planted. Similarly, there are many measures, by adopting which efforts can be made to reduce pollution. Types of Pollution There are many types of pollution. The major pollutants


  Artificial Intelligence Intelligence is what elevates humanity to the highest level on the earth. It has had the most significant impact on our ability to improve our talents and the development of human civilization. Today, if humans have made so much development in the field of technology, then our human brain is the biggest hand. Human beings have made many inventions on the strength of this intelligence and it is needless to say that every invention has given a new direction to the life of human beings. When computers were made, no one even thought that we would be able to use something like a smartphone in the future. But technology is now not only a part of our lives, but it also assists us much in our work.. In the last few years, to take the technology to a different level, some computer science scientists have put the AI ​​concept in front of the world.  Its original purpose is to create such computer controlled robots or software that can solve a problem by thinking like hu


Due to today's lifestyle, most people are suffering from waist fat because of waist fat, you can not even wear your favorite clothes. Sometimes while sitting, excess fat comes out from the jeans and because of this you have to face a lot of embarrassment. To avoid this embarrassment, if you really want to slim the waist, then definitely follow the measures mentioned below. With these measures, the waist will be thin as well as the muscles of the waist will also be strong. Let us tell you the ways to slim your waist –   1.      Foods to get a slim waist - To get a slim waist, start eating the diet in chunks throughout the day. Eat fiber-rich foods such as beans, nuts and carrots daily.   Also eat foods high in healthy fats such as salmon, walnuts and canola oil. 2.     Change your diet - To get a slim waist, it is important that you first reduce your weight, which can not be achieved by exercising only. Apart from this, you need to follow a healthy diet and reduce the cal


There are all kinds of sporting activities in the world. Indoor sports include chess, badminton, basketball, boxing, bowling, table tennis, etc. Outdoor sports on the other hand include rock climbing, baseball, soccer/football, etc. Both kinds have their advantages and specific traits. One does not have to be a professional to play a sport. They do not have the monopoly over playing sports. One should always participate in whatever sports they can and want to for the holistic growth of an individual. Sports should be encouraged amongst everyone in the country and especially in children to create a strong foundation for them.   A few very specific benefits are:   1.      IMPROVEMENT IN PHYSICAL HEALTH     This is a very obvious benefit. Playing most forms of sports involves a lot of physical activity and usage of the strength of one’s body. Thus, one not only increases one’s stamina but also builds the core strength of the body. Players of very physically active sport