Artificial Intelligence

Intelligence is what elevates humanity to the highest level on the earth. It has had the most significant impact on our ability to improve our talents and the development of human civilization.

Today, if humans have made so much development in the field of technology, then our human brain is the biggest hand. Human beings have made many inventions on the strength of this intelligence and it is needless to say that every invention has given a new direction to the life of human beings. When computers were made, no one even thought that we would be able to use something like a smartphone in the future.

But technology is now not only a part of our lives, but it also assists us much in our work.. In the last few years, to take the technology to a different level, some computer science scientists have put the AI ​​concept in front of the world.  Its original purpose is to create such computer controlled robots or software that can solve a problem by thinking like humans.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that focuses on creating machines that think and behave like humans. Voice recognition, problem solving, learning, and planning are just a few examples. It refers to mechanical intelligence as opposed to human and animal intelligence.

By Artificial Intelligence, there is a plan to make such a computer controlled robot or software, which can think in the same way as the human mind thinks.

Artificial Intelligence is always being prepared to make it excellent in this area. In its training, it is taught by experience from machines, to adjust to new inputs and to perform human-like tasks.

Overall, Artificial Intelligence is being used to construct machines that can behave intelligently on the data they receive by interacting with their surroundings. That is, if the AI ​​concept becomes stronger in the future. If you face any problem then what to do about it, it will tell you by thinking itself.

Basically Artificial Intelligence is the ability of a machine or computer program to think and learn.  This concept is based on the idea that machines should be enabled to think about a problem like humans, act on it and learn from it.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

  • Reactive Machine : This machine is very basic because it does not store memory and cannot even use its past experiences to do any work in the future. Reactive machines just notice it and respond.

  • Self - Awareness : This is such artificial intelligence, which has its own consciousness, self-awareness and super intelligence. It can also be referred to as a type of human. However, this type of bot is not currently available. If this is possible in future, then it will be a big achievement for AI.

  • Limited Memory : These are AI systems that can use past experiences to inform future decisions. Some decision making functions are designed in the self-driving car.

  • Theory of Mind : This type of AI machine is made capable of interacting with people's feelings, beliefs, thoughts, expectations and socially. Although a lot of experiments have been done in this field, no such thing has come out so far which can make this possible.

Applications of Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is essential because it may assist in the resolution of problems in a variety of areas, including entertainment, education, health, commerce, transportation, and utilities.

  • Knowledge : Ability to present information about the world. Financial market trading, purchase prediction, fraud prevention, medicine manufacture, medical diagnosis, media suggestion, and so on is only a few examples.

  • Innovative thoughts : Ability to solve problems. Financial asset management, legal valuation, financial application processing, autonomous weapon systems, and so on is only a few examples.

  • Communication : Understanding of spoken and written language. Real-time translation of spoken and written languages, real-time transcription, intelligent assistants, voice control, and so on is only a few examples.

  • Strategy : Ability to set and achieve goals. Inventory management, portion forecasting, predictive maintenance, physical and digital network optimization, navigation, and so on are examples.

  • Sensibility : The ability to infer things about the world through sounds, pictures, and other sensory inputs. Medical diagnostics, autonomous vehicles, and monitoring are just a few examples.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

  • Machines are used for complex and stressful tasks that would otherwise be performed by Humans.

  • The work given to humans can be completed quickly by machines.

  • The use of robotics is useful in home activities, apart from this; it is also useful in outer space and landscape.

  • The work done by artificial intelligent machines is less dangerous than humans.

  • Resources and time can be minimized, resources and time are not misused, but the goal can be achieved in less time.

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

  • The biggest disadvantage of artificial intelligence can be that it will increase unemployment. The majority of work will be done by machines or robots after the emergence of machines. This will result in a decrease in the demand for human labour in all fields, as well as an increase in unemployment.

  • The machines or robots of the times to come will be able to develop themselves and make their own dangerous weapons. Human race can be threatened by such weapons.  Robots can also become a threat to humans.

  • Apart from this, due to its increasing use in education, it is also possible that in the coming time, schools and colleges etc. may be closed due to this. Because with the help of artificial intelligence, all the studies will start being done online and with the help of machines. It will reduce jobs.


Although, today there are large-scale studies around the world on Artificial Intelligence. Huge investment is also going on in this. When our mind is powered by some artificial intelligence, then what achievement we can achieve, it cannot even be estimated. It is possible that with the help of this new revolution, we can also compensate for the loss which has been caused to this world due to industrialization.

The truth is also that if we do not find a way to avoid its risk, then civilization may end. Despite all the benefits, artificial intelligence has its own dangers.

Overall, the rise of a powerful artificial intelligence will be beneficial for us as well as harmful.


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