Pollution Damage quality of air'water'land

In this age of science, where humans have got some boons, there have also been some curses.  Pollution is a curse birthed from the womb of science that the majority of people are compelled to bear.

When undesirable elements dissolve in air, water, soil, etc. make it dirty to such an extent that it starts having an adverse effect on health, then it is called pollution. Pollution creates natural imbalance. At the same time, it is also a danger bell for human life.

It becomes the responsibility of man that as much as he has harmed the environment by exploiting the natural resources, now solve the problem of pollution equally wisely. Indiscriminate deforestation is also included in the factors of pollution. This can be mitigated by increasing the number of trees planted. Similarly, there are many measures, by adopting which efforts can be made to reduce pollution.

Types of Pollution

There are many types of pollution.

The major pollutants are -

  1. Air - Pollution : This pollution is more spread in the metros. There is the smoke of factories, black smoke of motor vehicles has spread in such a way that it has become difficult to breathe healthy air. These particles go into the human lungs with the breath and give rise to incurable diseases. This problem is more where there is a dense population, there is a lack of trees and the environment is tight.

  1. Water - Pollution : The contaminated water of factories and factories mixes in rivers and streams and creates severe water pollution. At the time of flood, the foul-smelling water of factories mixes in all the drains. This causes many diseases.

  1. Noise - Pollution : Human beings need a peaceful environment to live. But nowadays the noise of factories, the noise of traffic, the chirping of motor vehicles, the deafening sound of loudspeakers have given rise to deafness and stress.

  1. Soil - Pollution : Soil pollution is caused by the use of excessive amounts of fertilizers and insecticides in agriculture.  Along with this, eating food grown in polluted soil has a negative effect on the health of humans and other animals. This pollution is also carried by the water that flows across its surface.

Aftermaths of Pollutions

Due to the above mentioned pollution, the healthy life of humans has become in danger. The man is longing to take a long breath in the open air. Due to dirty water, many diseases go to the crops, which reach the human body and cause fatal diseases. Thousands of people died, many were crippled due to the gas released from the Bhopal gas factory. Due to environmental pollution, neither rains come on time, nor does the winter-summer cycle run properly. Pollution is also the cause of natural disasters like drought, flood, hail etc.

Possible Remedies

If we do not churn on this problem today, then nature itself will take some terrible steps to establish the balance and we humans will have to face the terrible consequences of pollution. To avoid pollution, we have to plant more trees. Indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources present in nature should be avoided. We have to avoid using plastic things. Garbage should not be thrown anywhere.

Efforts have to be made to conserve groundwater by storing rain water. Apart from petrol, diesel, electricity, we also have to find alternatives of energy from other sources of energy. Emphasis will have to be given on the use of solar energy and wind energy. Unnecessary and unnecessary sounds must be stopped. New experiments and tests are being done constantly in the field of technology.

We have to develop such technology, so that pollution does not spread through the means of transport. The most important thing is that we humans have to have a positive thinking to save our earth and selflessly work to avoid environmental pollution. We have to work keeping in mind that we are protecting ourselves, our family, our country and this earth.

Consequences, If not controlled

  • Due to the problem of pollution in the environment and increase in temperature, the crop cycle of the whole world will be affected. Due to which there will be a food crisis, due to the increase in the amount of CO2 in the air, the rate of photosynthesis will increase, due to which the growth rate of plants will be faster but its benefits will not be obtained.

  • Due to the increase in the amount of some polluted gases in the atmosphere, the heat of the earth is not emitted out, due to which the temperature of the earth is continuously increasing. This effect is called the greenhouse effect. The main gases causing greenhouse effect are CO2, water vapor, methane, nitrous oxide, etc.  But, CO2 is the major greenhouse gas.

  • If the ozone layer continues to reduce like this, then it will not be able to stop the ultraviolet rays from reaching the earth and human life will be affected in this way .Ozone depletion will increase the temperature of the earth. Exposure to UV radiation causes skin cancer. There will be a change in the genetic traits. Human blood circulation will decrease.The rate of photosynthesis in plants will decrease. Ozone will lead to acid rain. The blood cells of the skin will carry more blood due to which the skin becomes red and swollen.

  • Due to rapid industrialization, forest destruction, increasing number of vehicles and rapid population growth rate, the temperature of the earth is increasing continuously, due to which the climate is constantly changing. Climate change affects all the environmental factors including seas, ice, lakes, rivers etc. All the flora and fauna of the earth are affected by the change of these environmental components.


Pollution is a kind of slow poison which destroys not only humans but also animals, animals, birds, plants and plants through air, water, dust etc. Today the existence of animals is in danger due to pollution. Due to this many animals, animals, birds and wild animals have become extinct.

If pollution continues to spread like this, life will become very difficult.  There will be nothing to eat and there will be no pure air to breathe. You will not find water to quench your thirst.  Life will be very unbalanced. To avoid such situations, we have to take more steps to protect the environment.  Instead of making life comfortable, it has to be made useful. Steps have to be taken towards dutifulness.


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