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  How to overcome the procrastination ? Procrastination is the motivation that helps us to overcome the habit of put things off on daily basis. According to modern society individual liberty is freer people will have happier. When we are more freedom to make a decision and also perform our actions it becomes difficult to know what our priority is. What is most important or not, what is wrong and right if we will not differentiate our priority we become demotivated to do anything at all. Procrastination delays and putt off a task until the last minute or past work deadlines. When you are putting off your finishing project for your work, avoid homework assignments, or ignored your household chores, procrastination has a great impact on your grades, your jobs, and your life also. In most cases, procrastination is not a serious problem. How to overcome procrastination:  you can deal with and prevent procrastination follow some simple and easy steps. These steps help you to stay on task or