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Procrastination is the motivation that helps us to overcome the habit of put things off on daily basis. According to modern society individual liberty is freer people will have happier. When we are more freedom to make a decision and also perform our actions it becomes difficult to know what our priority is.

What is most important or not, what is wrong and right if we will not differentiate our priority we become demotivated to do anything at all. Procrastination delays and putt off a task until the last minute or past work deadlines.

When you are putting off your finishing project for your work, avoid homework assignments, or ignored your household chores, procrastination has a great impact on your grades, your jobs, and your life also. In most cases, procrastination is not a serious problem. How to overcome procrastination:  you can deal with and prevent procrastination follow some simple and easy steps.

These steps help you to stay on task or project let's see them:

1. Eliminate distraction

In today's world, we are distracted so much. Ask yourself a question that what is pulling your attention away most of the time. The answer will be Instagram, Facebook, or sometimes local news. When you will turn off these distractions you will found space in your mind. It is a common tendency that most people give it to the same point or another point. If you are procrastinating for a long period, become demotivated and disillusioned with your work. It leads people toward depression and also job loss.

2. Set deadlines

When you are doing a task then try to do it in fixing them. Time is great if your task is completed in time project your work on time. If you establish your schedule, the project always takes longer time expected so always bake in time. If your task is overbearing procrastination often follows in your mind. Always be honest with yourself. Don't be excuses nice to be in a mood and try to allocate your project in parts. Establish yourself in deadlines to finish your project work.

3. Don't stress too much

Stress is a cause of many problems if you take things positive then stress levelled automatically. But the thing is that stress can only remove by positive thinking sometimes grab into the stress pathways due to negative thoughts before its numbers of thoughts increase try to focus on one thing you can hear music which you love to hear. Procrastination is associated with stress. So you should keep things in perspective. Sure about your work even it's not your favourite work but you should get through it.

4. Eat healthy food

Food is affected your health it may be your physical health or your mental health. If you are mentally healthy everything gone according to your plan. Food is not the only source of vitamins and minerals but also a source of energy which you got from food. Healthy food helps to fight procrastination easily. Procrastination is a short-term gain and is opposed to the long-term result. Try to focus on the task that why are you doing this task. What will be the benefit of finish this task?

5. Try to get help

If you take the example of cleaning out your closet, imagine that this closet is walking into the closet when you declared it. You can also consider that how much money can you make through sell things on eBay how you feel when you got the donation.

6. Work when in good mood efficiently

If your mood is light then it is easy to finish the task easily. Because as your body feels relaxed your mood become so light. Focus on exercise which helps you to have more positive energy it will help to boost up your self-esteem, and you will serve as a great role model for your children.

7. Don't stop once started

Don't be stop your work when you started any work .when you set your worksheet a time for work and try to finish that task in given time. As your schedule is established you will be up for your success. You will notice that your work is done within the given range of time. if you are not a morning person then don't expect yourself to wake up early in the morning and start your exercise plan. It will take time to adjust your body to your routine. So it might be better to schedule that activity during lunch or dinner time.

8. Motivational attitude

Your attitude is the basis of your work if you think this work is small then it becomes small but if you think this task is large or long then your mind takes it as a long task. So you should break the task into parts if you will do the task in parts then easy to handle. Procrastination will be avoided for example: if you want to write a book you need its outlines, chapters' and also commit yourself. stop beating yourself for the past activity don't be like that I am a loser should be doing it yesterday this type of thinking gets you into procrastination.


Procrastination is not any disease it's just an adjustment of mind through your work because if you are doing some task never look forward to the future that I will do it tomorrow but does it at the moment this will increase your self-esteem and confidence. The mind becomes sharper and clearer when you do your task in time. Household chores are a good example if you delay it will become difficult to do. You can also take help from your partners which also make easy the work. Your effort to save your relationship also! Commit yourself to the task between you and your partner. Turn off your phone because phone notification is a distraction. Don't be let yourself on the task whether your task is not completed


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