What is peer pressure?

Peer pressure is the direct and indirect influence on the people because of their peers or the effect on an individual who wants to follow their peers with their attitude, behaviour, and value to those of the influence the individual and group of people. For the individual, this result can be positive or negative. Social groups affected both membership groups –in which individuals are formally members (political parties and schools) another is cliques- in which membership is not clearly defined and described. A person does not need to be a member or membership of a group that is affected by peer pressure how peer pressure affects.

As the child grows older, their peer plays a bigger role in their life. Friends influence all about everything’s such as what kind of music they listen, what they are wearing, and how they talk to the people.

Children are always searching for the behavior and attitude around them because behaviour effect the children most. children can be influenced by the people that are important to their life such as friends, parents, and you tubers, celebrities, dancers, singers, etc. when children in his younger age children aware of their position in the social hierarchy. Each child handled  with a book with two sets of images on each page of the  book. On the left hand of the pages have a group of animals with different size and right-hand side of the book have one animal. The entire book looks the same but the last get the book was different. Sometimes children don't answer the question but when other children start given answers Child's response was often the same as his or her peer's.

The harmful effect of the peer pressure

Depression and anxiety: when people are around us the pressure of things if we are not comfortable with the things then anxiety create and people become angry if it's being longer then that subjected to the depression.

Create academics distraction:  peer pressure causes the children anxiety and him or her not able to maintain their academics. So this pressure affects students' whole circle of study. His concentration effect is as much they don't keep the focus on things on regular basis.

Argument with the family and friends: negative peer pressure feel bad about ourselves and this can cause us to withdraw from the people we care about. So peer pressure enhances the anger issue among us that's why we start an argument with the friend and our family.

Risky behavior to engage the peer pressure: friends may be pressure each other to do things that we don't want to do like drink, smoking, try drugs, engage in sexual activity.

Self-esteem and self-confidence are affected: constantly do things to go against your values can make feel bad about you because of the inner values of human. Those decrease the morale and also affect the self-confidence and self-esteem affected by this peer pressure.

Behavior sudden changes: in these peer norms might you acting like others and looking like other than yourself. Behavior starts changing due to constantly thinking about others not about you.

Unhappiness: if peers are fixating on the appearance you feel inadequate and you want to fit on their criteria of living that create unhappiness with you.

Benefits of the peer pressure

Helpful advice: friends can be a great support if kids try something new and explore new idea then peer help them to work through a challenging problem and also help to find the solution of that problem.

Encouragement from peers: peers can push each other to do new and innovative things with help each other. School plays enhance their bonding which is helpful to encourage the confidence of the children.

Support and friendship become strong: feeling supported by your friend advice you about trying new things then friendship grows and both can support each other. Those also boost up self-esteem and self-confidence.

New experience: you should have the courage to do things with the g help of peers. You got the new experience that we want to gain. This helps to survive in society.

Socialization: learn about different social norms and help us to adapt to the different situations with the group which we like the most. Social adaption increase through this peers group.

Positive behavior: friends help each other that increase to become good people. That also frown upon negative behavior like gossiping and insensitive jokes friends make everything so positive. 

How to maintain ourselves in such circumstances

Make a plan ahead: this is the way to deal with the pressure. Think about the situation and if it's uncomfortable then identify a support person who might help you.

Try to give an excuse: why you are not participating in the activity try to give an excuse because at that time these excuses help to get out of the situation.

Rely on the adult: which adult is safe for you and which helps you from the tricky situation. You need to talk to the adult and always rely on the adult person's advice.

Build a bond with the right people: people who share your value you likely to be the people. If people bully you don't want to be with them. If your selection of people is good values people then it’s give you light in the path of life.


. Researchers have studies the effect of peer pressure on children and adolescents. Peer pressure mostly refers to the age group. For adolescents, peer pressure relationships with sexual intercourse and substance abuse have been significantly researched by the researcher. Peer pressure has increased from strictly face-to-face interaction to digital interaction as well.

Gender specialization influences how a young person is trapped in peer pressure. Research indicates that adolescent boys have more susceptible to peer pressure and also risk-taking behavior. This peer pressure is not always deviant, though. Peer pressure can have both effects it may be positive and maybe negative.




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