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 Every year India spends crores rupees on tourism. India has unlimited places to visit and spend your time with family. Grand mountains, crystal clear waterfall, beaches, and bustling cities, and different monuments are present in India. Travellers make a variety of trips with family, friends, and solo go on vacation in India. India is known for its beautiful places where you can perform adventure activities. So if you are planning to visit India then we try to cover the top 10 places which help you to identify the places and help you to get an idea about visiting places. We describe the please and also their beautiful landmark and showcase the culture of best tourist place in India. What are the top 10 places to visit in India?  Agra As all know Agra is home of the monument and that's make its one of the visited place in India. Taj Mahal is a beautiful building which is made from white marble and that building shines in the sunlight. White marble is also done in various buildings