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  Best sports shoes Top 10 shoes “best formal shoes and running shoes” for men and women .   In today’s lifestyle shoes are known as an essential thing for fashion purposes as well as for health reasons. Wearing perfect shoes which will match your outfit will always play an important role in describing the personality of a person completely. Choosing shoes is not a difficult task but it is great to have a whole idea about the best brands and their rates. So below is the complete description of perfect brands and also about the best formal shoes and running shoes.     ·          Top 10 shoe brands in India 1.        Reebok Reebok is the first brand that comes to mind while talking about the best shoe brand. Since 1950, Reebok is a trustable brand that offers the best quality, designs and comfort at a reasonable price. You can get Classic leather Rebook shoes, Floatroad running shoes and many more shoes ranging from 1300 to 21000rs.     2.        Nike Nike is undo


    Merry Christmas and Happy New year 2022 When is Christmas Celebrated? Christmas is celebrated on December 25 across the globe to remember the birth of Jesus Christ, who Christians believe is the Son of God. Christmas is a time of the year when families, relatives, and friends come together and enjoy. Where does the workd Christmas came from? There are a lot of interpretations related to the name of Christmas and why we celebrate it. One of them is  EUCHARIST  (which is also called mass service or communication), where according to Christians, Jesus died for his people and then came back to life. Therefore, after dusk and before dawn on the following day, the service is Christ-Mass, so it is celebrated at midnight. And the term Christ-Mass became  Christmas . Christmas is now celebrated by the people of the whole world, whether they are Christians or not. Christmas is a time of happiness and enjoyment. Why Is Christmas celebrated on December 25? There are a lot