Best sports shoes

Top 10 shoes “best formal shoes and running shoes” for men and women.


In today’s lifestyle shoes are known as an essential thing for fashion purposes as well as for health reasons. Wearing perfect shoes which will match your outfit will always play an important role in describing the personality of a person completely. Choosing shoes is not a difficult task but it is great to have a whole idea about the best brands and their rates. So below is the complete description of perfect brands and also about the best formal shoes and running shoes.



·         Top 10 shoe brands in India

1.       Reebok

Reebok is the first brand that comes to mind while talking about the best shoe brand. Since 1950, Reebok is a trustable brand that offers the best quality, designs and comfort at a reasonable price.

You can get Classic leather Rebook shoes, Floatroad running shoes and many more shoes ranging from 1300 to 21000rs.



2.       Nike

Nike is undoubtedly the perfect sports shoe company and offers the best quality materials in their shoes also use advanced technology. The fitting of their shoes is best and comfortable.

Nike provides Nike air max, Nike Classic Cortez, Nike walking shoes, Nike sneakers and what not in 2400 to 7500rs.


3.       Woodland

Woodland produce rough and tough, unique shoes for men’s which will increase the personality of that man.

Also, this company of shoes offers Woodland high top lace shoes, Woodland casual shoes, Woodland Derby’s in below the range of 4000rs.


4.       Adidas

Adidas the second largest sportswear company provides unique and great designers of sneakers, sports shoes for men’s and women’s.

 Adidas provides durable shoes like Adidas ultra boost, Adidas gazelle, Adidas Superstar with a worth rate between 3500 to 10000rs.


5.       PUMA

Puma the well-known and trusted brand of shoes have the best collection of comfortable and durable shoes. You can get PUMA men walking shoes, PUMA men sneakers, etc in just approx. 3000rs. 


6.       Red Tape

Red Tape promoted by Salman Khan produces the best leather shoes and an amazing range of footwear. The company offers Red Tape casual shoes, Red Tape Derbt shoes is below the price of 1500rs.


7.       Bata

The oldest and perfect brand which provides great quality of products for both men’s and women’s such as Bata casual shoes, Bata sandals, bata boots in approx. 3000rs.


8.       FILA

FILA another great shoe brand in India offers a great range of affordable and comfortable footwear and also shoes. Some shoes from FILA are FILA men running shoes and men training and gym shoes in 3000rs.


9.       Lee Cooper

The best choice of youth for formal shoes is Lee Cooper. There are Lee Cooper men boots, Lee Cooper casuals in 1800rs each are just amazing.


1     Lancer

Lancer is affordable and also comes in various ranges like casual shoes, sports shorts starting from 500rs.


·         Best Formal Shoes for Men’s


Ø  Men Black Brogue Shoes from Red Tape.

Price: approx. 2,000rs

Ø  LC3515D Olive Derbys Shoes from Lee Cooper.

Price: approx. 3,000rs

Ø  Brown Patterned Brogues from Teakwood.

Price: 6,000rs

Ø  Solid Black Formal Leather Shoes from Hitz.

Price: approx. 2,000rs

Ø  Black Solid Slip0Ons from Lee Cooper.

Price: 3,000rs


·         Best Formal Shoes for Women’s


Ø  Ajanta Women Black Formal Shoes of approx. 1,000rs.

Ø  Bugatti Women Brown Solid Leather Formal Derbys of approx. 8,000rs.

Ø  Naturalizer Women Beige Slip-On Leather Formal Shoes of 4,000rs.

Ø  Bugatti Women Blue Leather Formal Slip-Ons of 2,399rs.

Ø  Bugatti Women Blue Textured Leather Ballerinas of 6,000rs.


·         Best Running Shoes for Men’s


Ø  Asics Gel Contend 7

Price: 3,599rs

Ø  Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38

Price: 7,997rs

Ø  Brooks Glycerin 19

Price: approx. 11,000rs

Ø  Reebok Forever Floatride Energy

Price: 4,000rs

Ø  Nike ZoomXVaporfly Next%

Price: approx. 6,000rs


·         Best Running Shoes for Women’s.


Ø  Asian Women’s Running Shoes

Price: approx. 1,000rs

Ø  Lotto Women’s Tulsa

Price: approx. 1,000rs

Ø  Sparx Women's Sports Shoes

Price: 1,050rs

Ø  Red Tape Women’s Running Shoes

Price: approx. 2,000rs

Ø  Rebook Women’s, Col Traction Xtreme

Price: Ranges between 2,000rs to 3,000rs


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