Republic Day of India


Republic Day of India

Every year we celebrate republic day with huge pomp and show. The 26th of January marks an important national event of India as we celebrate the power of Swaraj or self-rule. This particular day symbolizes unparalleled nationality and integrity as the Constitution of India came into effect. Flags get hoisted, and the air echoes with the mesmerizing tunes of Jana Gana Mana. Let's learn more about this prestigious event.

What is Republic Day?

Republic day is particular rom all other days as in this day the colonial government transitioned into a self-ruled nation. This day marks unparalleled nationality and integrity where the difference of caste creed, religion, ethnicity and language disappears, and everyone smiles satisfactorily.

When Republic Day is celebrated?

The citizens of India celebrate Republic day on 26th January. On 26th January 1950, the constitution of India came into effect and hence this day is essential to everyone.

All about the freedom history:

The transformation of India from a British colony to a secular and democratic nation was not an easy journey. The freedom fighters constantly struggled for 20 years to help India get freedom.

How republic day is celebrated:

Republic day parade is one of the most revered events. The Delhiites attend this parade at the Rajpath. Three divisions of the Indian armed forces, like Navy, air force and Indian army, usually attend this parade. Additionally, on this day there will be spectacular occasions as well for instance you can see a rally of marching soldiers, military bands, and aircraft shows etc. Despite the cold weather, you can see many Delhites flocking together on this important day. The president of India hoists Tiranga and he felicitate the brave souls by presenting bravery awards, like Paramvir Chakra, Vir Chakra, Kirti chakra etc. The prime minister of India will show respect to the warriors and the martyred soldiers

There will be massive thumping of the drums on this day, and after the event, you can notice a solo performance by the drummers, known as the drummers call.

Ideas for republic day celebration:

If you have a patriotic heart, you must be wondering on how to celebrate Republic day, right? Well, we have got you covered. Scroll below to find some points on how to celebrate this important day:

·         You can indulge in room decoration and decorate your mansion with tri-coloured balloons. Additionally, you can make rangoli with tricolours.

·         Seeing the iconic parade with your family members can also be a great idea.

·         If you have an adventurous soul, you can consider hoisting the national flag in your parking lot or garden

·         You can make tri coloured pasta for your kid or prepare tri coloured sandwiches. Green for cucumber, white for bread and orange for tomatoes can make a great combination.

·         You can consider wearing tri-coloured clothes or dressing your kid in tricoloured clothes.

·         You can consider spending good family time watching a patriotic movie with your kid. 

Now that this day is nearing, you can make all preparations for the celebration. Celebrate the love of motherland and make this special day more effective and memorable by participating in national events.


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